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Payment methods:

Product fees can be paid with Visa, MasterCard and Amex plastic cards.

Products can be purchased and transported through the online store only throughout Georgia. If you want to receive an order outside of Georgia, please contact us:

Delivery fee and time:

Tbilisi: 3.50₾

Delivery time: 1-2 hours, if the order was received and payment was made from 9am to 5pm on the business day.

up to 24 hours if the order is received at any other time and on any other day. Please note that delivery time during common national and religious holidays may be extended to no more than 48 hours, of which you are notified in advance.

Delivery fee in the region: 10₾, delivery days can be found below.

Delivery to the regions is carried out only in the settlements indicated below. Please note that if the day of payment of the product fee coincides with the day of delivery, then the delivery will be made on the next day of delivery.

Delivery days in the region:

Abastumani: Tuesday, Thursday
Abasha: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Agara: Tuesday, Friday
Adigeni: Tuesday, Thursday
Ambrolauri: Tuesday, Thursday
Anaklia: Wednesday, Friday
Aspindza: Wednesday, Friday
Akhaldaba: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Akhalkalaki: Wednesday, Friday
Akhaltsikhe: Tuesday, Thursday
Akhmeta: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Batumi: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Bakuriani: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Baghdadi: Wednesday
Bolnisi: Tuesday, Friday
Borjomi: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Gardabani: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Gonio: Wednesday, Friday
Gori: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Gurjaani: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Dedoplistskaro: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Dmanisi: Tuesday, Friday
Dusheti: Tuesday, Thursday
Vani: Tuesday, Thursday
Zestafoni: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Zugdidi: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tetritskaro: Wednesday
Telavi: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Terjola: Tuesday, Thursday
Tianeti :Tuesday, Thursday
Kaspi: Tuesday, Friday
Lagodekhi: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Lunchkhuti: Tuesday, Thursday
Lentekhi: Tuesday
Manglisi: Wednesday
Marneuli: Tuesday, Friday
Martvili: Wednesday, Friday
Makhinjauri: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Mestia: Thursday
Mtskheta: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Ninotsminda: Wednesday, Friday
Ozurgeti: Tuesday, Thursday
Oni: Tuesday, Thursday
Rustavi: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Sagarejo: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Samtredia: Tuesday, Thursday
Sarpi: Wednesday, Friday
Sachkhere: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Senaki: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Sighnaghi: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Stepantsminda: Thursday
Surami: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Tkibuli: Tuesday, Thursday
Ureki: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Pasanauri: Thursday
Poti: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Kareli: Tuesday, Friday
Keda: Wednesday
Kobuleti: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Kutaisi: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Kvareli: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Shuakhevi: Wednesday
Chakvi: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Chokhatauri: Tuesday, Thursday
Chkhorotsku: Wednesday, Friday
Tsageri: Tuesday
Tsalenjikha: Wednesday, Friday
Tsalka: Wednesday
Tsaghveri: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tsnori: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Tskaltubo: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri.
Chiatura: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Kharagauli: Wednesday
Khashuri: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Khelvachauri: Monday, Wednesday
Khobi: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Khoni: Wednesday, Friday
Khulo: Wednesday
Jvari: Wednesday, Friday

Please note that in case the address is incorrectly indicated in the registration data our courier will be forced to return the order to us. In this case we will try to contact you and correct the error. However, given the complexity of the delivery, this may increase the delivery time and the amount to be paid.